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Heptio was founded by two of the creators of Kubernetes, and our team actively contributes to the community


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We help you build a multi-cloud architecture by ensuring you never get locked in to any one vendor or distribution


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Heptio’s products improve the overall experience and reduce the cost and complexity of running Kubernetes and related technologies in production environments.

Recover your Kubernetes cluster in the case of
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Deploy and manage Envoy as an incoming load balancer for Kubernetes services hidden link to make box link work

Manage multi-cluster ingress across Kubernetes and OpenStack hidden link to make box link work

Understand your Kubernetes cluster and ensure proper configuration hidden link to make box link work

Streamline how you write and deploy Kubernetes configurations hidden link to make box link work

Sonobuoy Scanner

Diagnostic tool for running Kubernetes conformance tests

“Heptio’s Professional Services completed a comprehensive review of our existing architecture and delivered an updated design that ensured we were making the most of our Kubernetes infrastructure. Considering our reliance on open source and cloud infrastructure for critical IT operations, we gladly engaged Heptio with a support subscription for our production launch and ongoing operation.”

Suman Sabbani
Manager, DevOps
Continental ITS




Free eBook: O’Reilly Cloud Native Infrastructure

Learn patterns and practices for creating infrastructure capable of managing cloud native applications.

Free eBook: Managing Kubernetes

The practical guide to managing Kubernetes including the API scheduler, install, authentication, networking, monitoring and more.

Free eBook: Becoming a Cloud Native Organization

Learn the benefits of cloud native computing and the key considerations for how to transition your organization.

Free eBook: O’Reilly Kubernetes Up and Running

Learn how to use Kubernetes to improve the development, delivery, and maintenance of distributed applications.


Introducing Heptio Kubernetes Subscription(HKS):”The Undistribution”

HKS is a new alternative to the distribution-based approach; it is centered around a true open source version of Kubernetes, and allows organizations to build a multi-cloud strategy that provides the option to run on hosted solutions such as Amazon EKS, GKE, and AKS.