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Making Kubernetes accessible to all developers.

We are committed to making Kubernetes more accessible to all developers by sponsoring new open source efforts to help improve the overall experience, and manage the cost and complexity of operating Kubernetes clusters in production.

Heptio Sonobuoy

Understand your Kubernetes cluster and ensure proper configuration


Easily describe your application to deploy to a Kubernetes cluster

Heptio Contour

Deploy and manage Envoy as an incoming load balancer for Kubernetes services

Heptio Ark

Recover your Kubernetes cluster in the case of



Heptio Sonobuoy makes it easier to understand the state of a Kubernetes cluster by running a set of Kubernetes conformance tests in an accessible and non-destructive manner. Its diagnostics provide a customizable, extendable, and cluster-agnostic way to generate clear, informative reports about your cluster, regardless of your deployment details.

Conformance testing

Ensure that a cluster is properly configured and that its behavior conforms to official Kubernetes specifications.

Workload debugging

Easily generate diagnostics for troublesome workloads that are difficult to debug.

Custom data collection

Collect custom metrics as part of a report, via extensible plugins.


Sonobuoy Scanner

Heptio Sonobuoy Viewer brings Sonobuoy to life. It eases the process of running Sonobuoy and provides a user interface to view conformance test results and drill down into the specific tests that failed.


ksonnet provides templating functions to simplify the work of writing your Kubernetes configurations. Built on the JSON templating language Jsonnet, ksonnet lets you define your Kubernetes cluster in flexible, modular ways.

Sensible defaults

Work out of the box with the core library of utility functions that provide sensible default values for the Kubernetes API objects.

Customize as you need

Write your own functions to customize Kubernetes objects, and add your changes with simple “mixins”.

Get help as you type

The Visual Studio Code extension provides syntax highlighting, code completion, inline documentation, and previews in JSON or YAML.


Heptio Contour is an ingress controller for Kubernetes that provides a modern way to direct internet traffic into a cluster using the Envoy project. Envoy is an open source edge and service proxy built by Lyft that has surged in popularity due to its high performance, robustness, and flexibility.

Built for Kubernetes

Quickly deploy and integrate Envoy with an ingress controller custom-built for Kubernetes.

Dynamic reconfiguration

Dynamically updates Envoy configurations as the ingress and underlying elements change, without having to restart the load balancer.

Proven at scale and reliable

Easily integrate Envoy, the high performance and robust proxy built for dynamic environments, into your Kubernetes cluster.


heptio ark

Heptio Ark helps manage disaster recovery for your Kubernetes cluster resources and persistent volumes. It provides a simple, configurable, and operationally robust way to back up and restore your applications and persistent volumes from a series of checkpoints.

Disaster recovery

Reduce time to recover in the case of infrastructure loss, data corruption, and/or services outages.

Cluster portability

Easily migrate Kubernetes resources from one cluster to another.

Dev and test environment setup

Easily replicate your production environment to create development and testing environments.


We offer 24 x 7 x 365 support for Kubernetes and Heptio open source projects.

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