Heptio was founded by two creators of the Kubernetes project to support and advance the open Kubernetes ecosystem.

Heptio unleashes the technology-driven enterprise with products that help customers realize the full potential of Kubernetes and transform IT into a business accelerator. Heptio’s products improve the overall experience and reduce the cost and complexity of running Kubernetes and related technologies in production environments.

Heptio Sonobuoy Scanner

Easily run and understand conformance tests to ensure proper configuration of your Kubernetes cluster.

Heptio Sonobuoy makes it easier to understand the state of a Kubernetes cluster by running a set of Kubernetes conformance tests in an accessible and non-destructive manner.
Heptio Sonobuoy Scanner brings Sonobuoy to life. It eases the process of running Sonobuoy and provides a user interface to view conformance test results and drill down into the specific tests that failed.

Install Sonobuoy in your cluster

Easily generate and apply the required YAML to install Sonobuoy in your cluster.

View conformance test results

View test results to ensure that a cluster is properly configured and that its behavior conforms to official Kubernetes specifications.

Understand failures and troubleshoot

If tests fail, examine the logs, troubleshoot, and re-run Sonobuoy to ensure your cluster is properly configured.

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