Heptio Kubernetes® Subscription

Products, expertise and support for every step of your Kubernetes journey.

Heptio Kubernetes Subscription (HKS) is not a distribution or a managed service. HKS is the complete set of products, expertise and support you need to deploy and manage upstream Kubernetes. It’s neatly packaged into a subscription that makes it easy to get started and cost-effective to grow.

Validated Designs

Cloud native blueprints that have been proven to work across Amazon, Microsoft, Google, bare metal and more.

Management Tools

Set of tools that simplify day-to-day management, including conformance testing, analysis and recovery.

Community Projects

Heptio will help you make best use of our slate of OSS projects, including Ark, Contour, Gimbal and Sonobuoy.

Proactive Support

An expert team to proactively guide you through upgrades and reactively troubleshoot any issues you encounter.

Heptio Kubernetes Subscription Pricing

Pricing for Heptio Kubernetes Subscription is designed to provide you the flexibility to grow your Kubernetes footprint and use your resources elastically, without unpredictable costs. Our pricing is based on the size of your environment, and includes either Business Critical (24×7) or Business Day (6 am-6 pm PST) support.


For small teams beginning their cloud native journey

1 supported configuration*
Unlimited tickets
Up to 25 nodes

Business Day: $2,000/month
Business Critical: $3,000/month


For organizations with growing deployments

Up to 3 supported configs*
Unlimited tickets
Up to 250 nodes


For large mission-critical environments

Up to 5 supported configs*
Unlimited tickets
More than 250 nodes

*Configuration defined as unique combination of: 1. Infrastructure (AWS, Azure, GCP, bare metal), 2. Host operating system, 3. Kubernetes version, 4. Container runtime and version, and 5. Container network and version.

Kubernetes® is a registered trademark of The Linux Foundation in the United States and other countries, and is used pursuant to a license from The Linux Foundation.

“As Netskope built a Kubernetes-based infrastructure to power our market-leading security platform we chose Heptio to support our production clusters because we strategically value the flexibility and control inherent in staying close to the Kubernetes community.”

Sanjay Beri
CEO & Founder