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Heptio Kubernetes Subscription is your path forward

Products, expertise and support for every step of your Kubernetes journey

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Kubernetes Certified

Heptio Kubernetes Subscription includes everything you need to operate Kubernetes across multiple teams and clusters

Heptio validated designs

Clear design direction to ensure you build a common operations experience across your chosen platforms

OSS projects

Best practice use of Heptio’s open source tools for load balancing, multi-cluster ingress, back-up and recovery and more

CRE expertise

Proactive advice on upgrade and performance, plus reactive troubleshooting and patches for rapid issue resolution

We chose Heptio to help us build our Kubernetes-based infrastructure because we strategically value the flexibility and control inherent in staying close to the Kubernetes community.

Sanjay Beri CEO & founder, Netskope

Heptio Kubernetes Subscription is NOT a typical distribution, and NOT a managed service

It is the complete set of products, expertise and support you need to deploy and manage upstream Kubernetes. It’s neatly packaged into a subscription that makes it easy to get started and cost-effective to grow

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