Cloud Native Architecture Review

Looking to seamlessly expand your environment or face issues with your current setup? The Architecture Review enables customers who have deployed Kubernetes to ensure their environment and applications are set up correctly.


Taking into account your business goals and technical requirements, your organization will receive expert guidance on your Kubernetes infrastructure and container-based application architecture. Our solutions engineers conduct an onsite workshop, and the wider Heptio team, including the co-creators of Kubernetes and core contributors to the project, provides expert input. Heptio brings an opinionated perspective on the best way to architect a Kubernetes cluster (including adjacent cloud native technologies), avoid operational landmines, and set up your team for success.

The engagement will conclude with a presentation of a report, which will include an assessment of technical, organizational, and skills gaps, implementation guidance, and a high level project plan.

Structure and Timing

Onsite Discovery


Additional Research & Review


Final Presentation

The Heptio team will join you onsite for 3 days during the initial discovery. We will subsequently conduct additional research and analysis on the key takeawways and areas requiring further attention. A final presentation and readout of the report will be delivered within 10 business days following the conclusion of the workshop.

Topics Covered

Business Requirements & Current State

  • Business drivers and goals
  • Organizational readiness
  • Current infrastructure
  • Target applications

Kubernetes Architecture

  • Cluster deployment
  • Multi-cluster and -cloud
  • High availability
  • Networking
  • Cluster ingress
  • Storage integration
  • IAM
  • Multitenancy

Operational Readiness

  • Monitoring
  • Logging
  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • Cluster upgrades
  • Cluster scaling

Deploying Applications

  • CI/CD integration
  • Container builds and publishing
  • Update strategy
  • Config and secrets
  • Managing state
  • Scaling workloads
  • Monitoring and logging