Professional Services

Heptio is committed to enabling developers and IT teams to succeed with the Kubernetes configurations and infrastructure of their choice.

Our services offerings are delivered by expert Kubernetes solutions engineers, and drive accelerated adoption of Kubernetes and decrease your time to market for new mission critical services. We work with your stakeholders and technology teams to understand your overall business goals, analyze your challenges, and develop comprehensive solutions to unlock developer productivity and operational efficiency.

Cluster architecture & ops

We provide best practices and tools for Day 1 & 2 management of Kubernetes clusters on bare metal or in the cloud. Emerge with a more reliable Kubernetes cluster, while using the technology of your choice.

Technology integration

CNI? CRI? Fluentd? Prometheus? Our solutions engineers will work with you to assess the best cloud-native technologies for your business needs and integrate them into your environment.

Cloud native security

Cloud native architectures demand a new suite of security tools. We help architect a solution that balances your current policies and technology with the new reality of security in a cloud native world.

Application deployment

We help architect deployments so your applications, data pipelines, and more take full advantage of the Kubernetes platform—including minimizing downtime, rolling deploys, and horizontal scaling.

Developer experience

CI/CD can make developers much more efficient, but requires new tools and processes. We evaluate your existing tools and workflow, provide recommendations, and implement an agreed-upon solution.

Co-development projects

Interested in building something new? We work with your engineering team to co-develop new integrations or technologies and contribute back to the open source community.

Professional Services Pricing

Professional services are delivered based on a daily rate. Services can be delivered either on-site or remote; on-site engagements require a 5-day minimum.