Heptio is committed to enabling developers and IT teams to succeed with the Kubernetes configurations and infrastructure of their choice. But choice doesn’t have to go unsupported.

Our support subscriptions help you pick a Kubernetes configuration and operations plan that works for you. We help you select the right version of Kubernetes and related technologies, and deliver the support you need to keep your clusters up and running, and meet the service level objectives defined for your applications.

Run Kubernetes anywhere

The world is moving towards hybrid- and multi-cloud, and we understand you want flexibility in where you run your workloads. Our support covers on-premise and cloud deployments (AWS, GCP).

Upstream Kubernetes

We deliver the enterprise grade support you need to safely run your business on Kubernetes, without forcing you to accept vendor lock-in or be tied to a specific Kubernetes version.

Critical patches

We deliver critical patches to address production issues in mission critical components, and work with the community to ensure the fixes are included in the next Kubernetes release.

Use the tech of your choice

There are many components necessary to make cloud native computing a reality, including monitoring, logging, CI/CD, and security. We support many of the common technologies available in the ecosystem.

Open source tools

Heptio designs and builds open source tools that improve the cost and complexity of running Kubernetes, and our support subscription covers these tools. Examples include Heptio Ark, Heptio Sonobuoy, and ksonnet.

24×7 coverage

Our support subscriptions are SLA-driven. Business Critical support offers online service available 24x7x365 with 1 hour response times for Severity 1 issues, and Business Day support offers 6 am-6 pm PST service.

Kubernetes Support Pricing

Subscription pricing for Heptio Kubernetes Support is designed to provide you the flexibility to grow your Kubernetes footprint and use your resources elastically, without unpredictable costs. Our pricing is based on the size of your environment, and includes either Business Critical (24×7) or Business Day (6 am-6 pm PST) support.


For small teams beginning their cloud native journey

1 supported configuration*
Unlimited tickets
Up to 25 nodes

Business Day: $2,000/month
Business Critical: $3,000/month


For organizations with growing deployments

Up to 3 supported configs*
Unlimited tickets
Up to 250 nodes


For large mission-critical environments

Up to 5 supported configs*
Unlimited tickets
Up to 750 nodes


For the largest web-scale environments

More than 750 nodes

*Configuration defined as unique combination of: 1. Infrastructure (AWS, Azure, GCP, bare metal), 2. Host operating system, 3. Kubernetes version, 4. Container runtime and version, and 5. Container network and version.