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We offer a growing catalog of public courses and private sessions through Heptio University, as well as other useful resources to help you get started using Kubernetes.

  Heptio University

Don’t go it alone. Heptio offers Kubernetes training to enable you to successfully set up, operate, and secure your Kubernetes environment.

Our courses are applicable to developers new to Kubernetes, operators looking to gain experience in deploying and running applications and clusters, or architects looking to build and run cloud native systems.

We deliver classes virtually or at your site. Both public and dedicated classes are available.

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In this hands-on course, you will deploy Kubernetes and containers to build out a microservices architecture. Throughout the course, hands-on exercises reinforce the topics being discussed.



This course covers the operational aspects of a Kubernetes cluster. Using a combination of instructor led lectures, use case examples, and hands on exercises, the course will enable the attendee to perform necessary tasks for successfully operating and managing Kubernetes clusters.



This course is designed for SREs and Infrastructure Architects who will be implementing secure Kubernetes clusters in a multi-tenant environment. You will learn different mechanisms for authentication and authorization, as well as how Kubernetes supports auditing and encryption.



This course covers the tasks for successfully creating cloud native applications for Kubernetes. Aspects of application integration into Kubernetes will also be covered, including deployment techniques and application specific operators. Using a combination of instructor led lectures, use case examples, and hands on exercises, the course will jump start your proficiency of developing on the Kubernetes platform.


“Here at Upstream we use our in-house Kubernetes installation and would have considered ourselves “experts” in the field… until we met Heptio. Heptio helped us to increase our confidence through well-formatted training, giving us advice and solutions to not-so-common but easy to tackle problems. Meeting the people from Heptio was a real pleasure and we would definitely recommend their training program to anyone who is starting out or wants to advance their knowledge of Kubernetes.”

– Apostolos Katidiotis,
DevOps Manager,
Upstream Systems



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